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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hi Bloggers!

Hi Bloggers!!

I'm back, properly this time...

I have an Oooober Laptop!! (Thankyou dear Husband!)

Yes I am going to embrace the digital world, learn photoshop and stop being such a bumpkin!!

Thankyou for all of your messages regarding Little Ted...he is rather excited and hopes you don't mind if I let you know his new home on I am nipping home on Sunday to see Ma and Pa as a surprise for the day this weekend ..

Now I have been busy sewing too, and I thought I would leave you with a little picture...of 'LITTLE SUE' she is nearly finished and is looking for a new home too...inspired by my cat Miss Silkie Sue :0) She will be on sale for £35 as soon as I have finished her and she will also come with a hand painted little picture tag..
( I will show you a photo of her here and on my toy blog too, hopefully over the weekend :0)

I think my husbands love of Starwars is having an effect on me...all my toys lately look like they are part Ewok!! (Sorry Silkie you don't look anything like an Ewok :0)

Mr M also bought this lovely book home for me from the Oxfam Book shop...its really old from the 1940s...called the little man in the land of the little made me chuckle as Rob and I are the same height...and I joke from time to time that Rob is shorter than me...hes actually about 2 inches taller...just....

he knows me too well...I just love anything worn and tattered!

I'll be back soon!

Love Sam x

Ps...Just so you know, Rob and I are about 5 foot 8 ish....we are not tini tiny!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Give - Away - Little Ted!

I would like to introduce you to Little Ted...the oddment bear..made from the smallest bits of fabric I had left... he is very small, and has little glass beads in his tummy to give him a nice weight.

A little bit Ewok and a little bit bear, Ted is a good luck mascot, made from Mohair,...and he is looking for a new home...(best not to stay there on Miss Sue if I were you Ted) if you would like to adopt him all you have to do is mention the Giveaway on your blog and leave me a little message..I am happy to post Ted abroad too!

I will pick a name (a week today) next Sunday evening..after 9pm xx

Oh and I thought you might like to see the lovely typewriter I picked up this weekend...I can't stop playing with it...even though the ribbon has run out!

Happy Sunday bloggers! Love from me and Ted xx

PS if you don't have a blog, don't worry just leave a message anyway!


Friday, 23 April 2010

Just a quicky....

Hi Bloggers...sooper quick post.
Here are a couple of hand stitched cards I have made for some friends recently...I do love sewing and stitching..

I think the sewing machine will be in the garden this I have some mohair to play with..

But what to make??


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I've snuck on..

the ooober computer..Mr M is in woo hoo, I can blog!

The toys have been on a proper photoshoot...thankyou Mike and Little William has reached his new home in Italy...thankyou Victoria...I was worried about the volcanic cloud!!

There are lots and lots of things I want to do..lists to make and I just can't wait for my new laptop! I want to list my toys on etsy or somewhere....not sure where yet. And ooo shall I treat myself to a new/old sewing machine....?? If anyone can recommend a good one that would be great!

Its just can't stand anything 'newly' designed if you know what I mean, as I am completely obsessed with anything old fashioned..

I'm just not a modern gal!!

anyway...hopefully I will be back soon...on my own computer !!

Nighty night from me and Teacup!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Quick Hello!

Sorry bloggers..bit of a blogging break at the laptop is no more, and Mr M is always busy on his ooooober Mac so I can't get on the internet to blog...

I have just sneeked on now, and will have to I will leave you with a picture by one of my favourite illustrators...Rene Cloke...she illustrated lots of Enid Blyton books :0)

I will be back hopefully next week... :0)

Happy Sunday xx

Monday, 12 April 2010

hello little kitty...

Meet 'Mouse'..

Now she is a little Cat...with just a little bit of a bear thrown in too :0)

Mouse is made from the prettiest creamy mohair. slightly lighter on her arms, with a tiny little bell around her neck so you can hear her when she is up to 'mischief'

...just a little bit shy of strangers to start with (like most pussy cats)..

She has the sweetest nature..and is very affectionate when she gets to know you..

She has even made friends with Miss Sue.

and from time to time can stand up all by her self!!

Little Mouse is made from my original Hamish pattern...just like the other toys..with just a few tweeks here and there. She is fully jointed and weighted and stuffed with straw...the old fashioned way...

Happy Monday from me and Mouse xx

Sam xx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A proper photoshoot!

Hello Lovely Bloggers...just a quick little post today.
I've not been sat on my 'laurels' (thats the old saying isn't it?) as I have been sewing today on a new toy...heres a clue..

Meow :0)

She is nearly finished, but I have been rushing about as usual today..and woke up in a 'bad mood' so I didn't start the day brilliantly...sorry husband...over tired and grumpy xx I have also been thinking up some new 'colouring in' projects rest for the wicked :0)

William the rabbit is moving abroad Italy of all places! He is very excited to have been adopted by a lady called Victoria.

The 'toys' have also been on their very own I will show you some more pictures as I get them...thankyou to Mike!!

And what about the sunshine we have here in the UK.....even though I'm a autumny person, I quite liked it todayxx

Happy Saturday!

Sam xx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Little Characters...

I started to have a go at sewing little animals, mainly because of Robs story Hamish, then the bug got me...and what to do what to or paint....mmmmm

Little Will makes me chuckle..hes a grumpy little Rabbit.. who loves carrots...even when he gets one..he still looks grumpy!

Poor William!

Happy Wednesday!

Sam xx

PS Although I do know, William does cheer up if he gets a cuddle :0) ....

Monday, 5 April 2010

Its too early for Halloween ?....

well things are a little spooky here...

There are heads floating about with no bodies.. (ooops note to self...maybe make sure you have enough mohair before you start sewing again:0)...sorry there Miss Kitton (...maybe a little feline friend for Silkiesue?)

I have also discovered that thanks to you tube, I can watch vintage particular favs at the mo are hammer horror..

Bank holidays just seem to fly by...oh to work from home..if only...

and I have now made a massive mess in my living room...I really have to sort my sewing boxes out!!

Oh to be a pussy cat....lolling about, staring out the window..

Now I really have to tidy up......I hate that bit !

Love Sam xx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter Chickadees!

Hello Lovely bloggers...wooo hoo here in the uk its Easter Bank holiday!
Me, Silkiesue and Mr M are going has been a little more tiring than usual, Mr M is rushed off his feet with exciting projects and childrens picture books to work on. Miss Sue is generally finding sleeping and eating prawns really tiring. I have a few arty projects to be getting on with, as I made a boob with the mohair fabric I bought, so sewing maybe on hold for a few days unfortunately!

But I wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter, whatever you are up too!!

Love Sam xx

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The Red Shoes
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