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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bank Holiday Saturday

Well here we are, the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK! and no surprise its raining! I have to admit that I was secretly quite pleased, and between you and me...(Now this is going to sound a tad mad) I lit one of my last Christmas candles...

As much as I like still having daylight to come home to, especially after a long day at work, my favourite time of year is between September and December, literally on September 1st, the Halloween films come out, and anything slightly spooky.

I'm not one for photographing myself, and loading them on the WWW, for one, I don't think I'm that confident, and secondly, I am one of the most unphotogenic people ...EVER... But here I am , at this moment, beavering about on the computer, working up some childrens book spreads. Mr M was a little horrified that I took a photograph of my Yucky Argos 'office' desk..I have tried to make it look as nice as I can, but I can't bring my self to get rid of it, as Silkie has a cozy 'panic room' in the corner just behind it that she uses when we have visitors..and the radiator is next to it too!

and this is only a small section of the Christmas Inspirations Boards I have been getting together at work..last count I think there may be guess what I will be working on Christmas Cards 2011 as of next week!

Heres a Lil peek of what I have been up to...all I will say for now is that it involves alot of woodland animals! I also gave the toy blog a bit of a makeover more toys at the mo though, as I'm glued to the computer!!

Have a great weekend!

Love Sam x


Anonymous said...
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JoJo said...

I love that Christmas board! I usually don't start my cards still Nov. and only a select few people get them. I call them "handmade card worthy". lol

Word verif: antsi

JoJo said...
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JoJo said...

Sorry that was me that deleted due to typo...

OMG Sam, you have to delete that first post in Japanese. I did the an English translation on it and it offers Japanese porn & other unsavory things.... :/

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