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Saturday, 31 July 2010


I have just received the BEST service from a lady on ETSY via Alchemy.
I didn't know until recently that you can request a custom made item, and other Etsy members can email you with bids...

Now, you know if you follow my blog about my Paypal fiasco, when a bag I agreed to pay for never turned up... well 8 weeks later I DID get my money back (Phew) and I promised myself to still treat myself to something I love...a Bag...

Well I left a plea on etsy and emailed a few bag of which agreed to make something, and then suddenly stopped emailing me until out of the blue lovely Raquel sent me a message..

and after lots of emails, about the style and fabric, Raquel made me a bag!!

Look at the lovely lining!! oooooo!! and all the stitching is perfect!

Raquel went above and beyond, to make this bag for me, she emailed me in such detail about the size and all the other bits and pieces, examples of fabric and metal locks.

I will certainly be asking for another bag from her...she can sew what ever you like!

So if you are looking for a custom made Item please visit Raquels Etsy shop, she can make mens bags too and she is such a pleasure to work with!

Here is the link..

Raquel Gonzalez

Thankyou Raquel!!

Happy Saturday

Mmmmm now what bag do i want next!!



Scented Sweetpeas said...

What a fab bag, bet you have had fun putting lots of pretties in it :-)

Tinyholder said...

haha, is there such a thing as a bag addiction coz I think you may have it? :-)

JoJo said...

What a beautiful bag! Rachel does fantastic work!! I'm so glad you got your money back too.

RaquelGonzalez-Handbagcave said...

Thanks Sam for this wonderful post! I'm sure you're going to love it!!! Let me know when it gets there *hugs* Raquel

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