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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Don't be Shy...

Now I can't promise Silkie won't meow at you..

and you know Hamish won't be gone forever..

So come on Stanley...come sit with me and watch some TV, I'm sure a bit of Dallas will cheer you up xx

Now shut your ears Stanley...

Stanley was made from my 'Hamish' pattern inspired by the old pic below of Cath Kidston and her little Stanley, designed by Mr M and I (Thank goodness for Mr M's 3 d model making skills for figuring out Hamish's head!) he is made exactly the same way as Hamish...German Mohair, fully jointed, weighted and stuffed with straw.

Oh and I thought you may find this at 7am this morning with Miss lay in for me!!

Happy Sunday Bloggers xx

Love Sam, Stanley and Silkiesue x xx


A Farmers Wife said...

oooh, he is SO lovely!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Hamish will be pleased to have a friend... are there any other characters in the hamish books that could become cuddly additions... not trying to pry any Hamish stories out of you or anything...honest! lol

X Alex

Bagladee said...

He's adorable Sam....looks like you've found a new talent. xx

Ali said...


MelMel said...

Love him!
Careful Ms CK don't nick the idea!xxx

Myrthe H said...

No, I didn't found a Mulberry Alexa look-a-like, but I did found a Mulberry look-a-like ;)
at, you need to sign up to see the prises and stuff. It looks really good, but it's still too expensive for me because of the delivery (sorry, can't explain in english)

You make really beautiful drawings!

Thanks for your comment!
♥ ♥

Lilly Higgins said...

He's incredible! He looks so like the real dog, perfect fabric. Well done! Id love a replica of my own dog, I'd say loads of people would! x Lilly
PS I love that he was watching dallas too!

VA Boutique said...

Oh my so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's so sweet, and Miss Sue is gorgeous as well, my big lad cat climbs on my knee when I'm on my laptop too.

Country Cottage Chic said...

He's lovely & I bet Hamish is haappy to have a doggy friend!


Felted House said...

Archie woke at 7 this morning too! He sits ON my keyboard usually, Miss Sue is much more helpful to allow you to type.
Stanley is gorgeous - lovely expression on his face. xx

made with love said...

He is amazing. You are so incredibly talented.
Love the piccie of Sue. I do know that feeling.
Rachael XX

pussman and co said...

Oh, so perfect your pattern!!
I always am amazed how each bear from the same pattern is completly different!
Depends on the mohairs strenght I guess.!
I love this little terrier, I like the big head!
Well done Sam, you could make your own cat bear! No need to save your pennies;)

GardenOfDaisies said...

He is adorable! Are you going to make a Sue?

Josie-Mary said...

He's lovely....... :) x

Anonymous said...

I love him!

Rubyred said...

He's gorgeous! Well done you!

Catherine said...

Oh my ~ Miss Silkie Sue is beautiful! What a fun blog you have. I'll be back! :)

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