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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I've bin Womblin..

Bloggers..I have had THE BEST time charity/thrift shopping today..I think the BEST EVER.

Now I must explain, The Wombles were very popular in the 1970s, they were little bear..well Womble type creatures who made use of things other people left behind. I have ALWAYS loved Charity shopping...So I think thats what I am ..a bit of a Womble!

(Image care of Google search!)

Heres my stash I wanted to share with you!

A big box of vintage beer mats. There are so many I don't know what to do with them!

Two more cream little terriers to go with my collection.. woof woof..

A vintage leather Kelly Style Bag...This photo doesn't do it justice.

The most adorable original and very old framed pencil studies of baby birds..A lady actually came up to me in another shop, and she really wanted it too! Mr M has already 'tarted' up the frame for me with our trusty Annie Sloan paint.

Nice pile of clothes... (AKA Womble Chic!) including a TM Lewin shirt which I love, especially as I'm trying to dress like I live in The Hamptons...LOL

So I'm WELL chuffed..also because last night my dear chums Mum...gave me....a


Oh yeah!

I mean this doesn't happen normally..Its the cutest leather bag, such a pretty colour..I think I can take the handle off as well so I can carry it like a kind of clutch bag too..

So..Mary...THANKYOU VERY MUCH!! if you are reading ...;0) xxxx

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine..Miss Silkiesue has taken to her bed..well I mean 'her' double bed in her I mean our spare bedroom..she actually puts herself to bed under the covers!!

Happy Saturday!!

Love Sam xx

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