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Monday, 16 November 2009

I'm addicted...

Its nearly 9.30pm, I have been at work all day, been to a fitness class, and now I'm at the sewing machine with a Judy Garland film on...and I'm shattered, but I can't stop! You see I have discovered after many years that I love to sew.

I mentioned before that my mum can sew...REALLY well. She worked on Saville Row in London back in the 60's and made clothes for the Queen and other famous folk, 'back in the day' and her sewing machine at home was strictly off bounds especially for little fingers belonging to me that loved the look of the sewing machine.

So its only now at the grand ole age of 36, that I feel much more I have decided to push my very limited skills to making a little something with ears....

Oh and a few more Christmas decs to add to the give-a-way and I have also painted a little canine picture to include too xx

I will keep you posted on my progressxx

Bye for now

Love Sam x


Shabby Chick said...

That's looking like one very cute teddy bear! Love those stockings too, they are so pretty.

Love Mel xxx

Clare said...

Teddy's looking good!It was lovely to see your work at the V and H fair with the vintage magpie..I have some of your cards ready to send out !!

jo said...

Love those Christmas stockings!!

made with love said...

I'm loving those Christmas stockings. Well done on the sewing. The bug has recently bitten me too.
Rachael XX

BumbleVee said...

hey! you put a bear together like I leg and one arm... hahahha.... then the other arm and leg.... well, okay I don't always do it like that...but sometimes I do....

And...I just learned to sew with a machine a few years ago so I could make some dolls...and I am a lot older than you..... I still look on page 13 to see how to change the

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